Beam Servers Terms of Service

The Terms of Service of Beam Servers are listed below. Any customer who signs up with us agress to these Terms of Service.

Account Setup

As soon as the payment is made, Beam Servers would setup your VPS account instantly without any delay and the details would be e-mailed to you to the e-mail address registered with us. If the e-mail address entered by you while signup was incorrect, you would have to raise a ticket to our sales team requesting to re-send the e-mail to the correct e-mail address. Dedicated Server setup may take upto 72 business hours. Please be noted that Dedicated server setup can take upto 7 business days and VPS setups can take upto 48 business hours in case we are out of stock.

Acceptable Use

You agree not to run/host the following content on our servers:

  • DoS/DDoS Scripts
  • Phishing
  • Child Porn
  • Hacking Activities
  • Malware
  • Pirated Software
  • IP/Port Scanners
  • Pulic Rapidleech
  • Mail Bombers/Spam Scripts
  • or other CPU consuming scripts/applications
  • Payment

    You agree to pay for the services you purchase from Beam Servers. You agreee to pay Beam Servers well in advance at least 3 days before your service due date. Beam Servers will send an invoice 14 days before your due date in order for you to have enough time to pay for your service(s). Any services which remain unpaid will be suspended after 48 hours(2 days) and would be terminated after 120 hours(5 days).

    Payment Methods

    Beam Servers currently accepts payments via PayPal, PerfectMoney, WebMoney and Bitcoin If any dispute is raised from the payment processor's side, your service will be immediately suspended and a fee of $75 will be leived to re-activate your service(s).


    If you no longer want to use our service(s) and wish to cancel them, you may do so anytime by opening a ticket to the billing department at least 3 days before your next due date. If you want to take advantage of our money back policy, you may raise a ticket to our billing department for the same with the reason.

    Backup and Data Loss

    Beam Servers offers backup facility with it's shared hosting, reseller hosting and VPS services. However, it would be the responsibility of the client to backup their file(s) regularly. If there is any data loss due to any mishap, Beam Servers is not responsible for the same. If any service is suspended for non-payment or DMCA notice, backup would not be provided.


    Beam Servers would not tolerate any abuse of it's network or CPU on any of it's VPS plans. If we notice any abuse of your VPS hosted with us, the VPS would be immediately suspended and an e-mail would be despatched to the client with the details.

    Price Change

    Beam Servers reserves the right to change the price of it's service(s) without any prior notice to it's clients.


    You acknowledge and agree that Beam Servers exercises no control and accepts no responsibility for the content passing through it's host computers and it's network. Neither Beam Servers, it's employees, agents, suppliers, merchants, licensors would make warranty of any kind such that the services of Beam Servers would not be interrupted or would be error free.

    Beam Servers reserves the right to cancel the service and issue a full refund for the amount paid if it finds something unacceptable.

    Fair Usage Policy

    Beam Servers doesn't tolerate abuse of its resources in any manner. All our VPS plans are subjected to 10 TB fair usage policy

    Change In TOS

    Beam Servers reserves the right to change their terms of service anytime without any prior notice.

    Any Questions?

    If you have any questions regarding our terms of service, feel free to contact us anytime!